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1st ADRION Capitalisation Event, ROME, Italy, 11th December 2019

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1st ADRION Capitalisation Event, ROME, Italy, 11th December 2019

December 19th, 2019|Events, News|

The 1st ADRION Capitalisation event had the aim to present the ADRION Capitalisation strategy, set the basis for the launch of thematic clusters and the implementation of related activities.

The first ADRION Capitalisation event was organised in the framework of the ADRION Capitalisation process aimed to lay the groundwork for an increased promotion of ADRION funded projects and for the transfer ability and re-use of projects’ outputs and results. The event took place in Rome, Italy in hotel Radisson Blue and gathered project representatives of the ADRION 1st Call for Proposals, ADRION NCPs and Monitoring Committee members and EUSAIR representatives.

The event represented the opportunity to gather representatives of the projects funded under the 1st Call and to start building synergies among them. Five thematic clusters have been set-up with the aim to group funded projects by thematic areas. The clusters will provide with some critical mass in key fields for the Programme with the aim to facilitate exchanges by linking actors with complementary thematic specialization and ease the re-use of results.

The event lasted one full day. Plenary sessions took place at the beginning and at the end while working group with a high level of engagement by the participants were organize in the late morning-early afternoon. During the day a productive networking among project representatives was stimulated and cluster’s objectives and aims identified.  We distrubuted project Future 4.0 leaflets in English among 50 participants. At the end of the event, each cluster presented the identified potential synergies and activities to be developed within the cluster during 2020.

Fore more info on 1st ADRION Capitalisation EVENT and more contents visit:  Interreg ADRION web page.