On the base of findings resulting from the implementation of the 5 Local Pilot Actions, which have been object of a transversal review and assessment leading to the Smart Learning Validation, the project elaborated the FUTURE 4.0 Smart Learning Strategy.

The Strategy represents the integrated framework endorsed by all the project partners to address common challenges faced in the area covered which thereby benefit from strengthened cooperation contributing to the identified achievements.

In detail, on the basis of the SWOT Analyses included in the Validation of the Smart Learning Model that identify the impact of FUTURE 4.O project on Sustainable Blue&Smart growth, Sea mobility and innovative transport, Social inclusion and innovation, a Strategy with concrete proposal for achieving further future impact in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro region was elaborated and adopted by the project consortium by the subscription of an Expression of Interest.

Read the complete document O.T3.2 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST_Strategy_DEF